June 20, 2011

What a weekend!

I have no words to describe this past weekend.  Well I can give it a try...HAPPY, SCARED, THANKFUL, JOYOUS, WORRIED, LOVED...  We had our little guy's birthday part (I'll do just a post about that probably tomorrow.) and then a CrAzY Father's Day!

I'll give you my favorite picture from the party on Saturday and then onto Sunday...

Wow, I love my sweet family!!!

OK, let's get to Sunday...just a low key Father's Day is what had planned, but God had different plans.  About 11:30 I went into Spencer's room to put up some clothes in his drawers that I had just folded and he was walking toward the end of the his bed, tried to step over a pillow, tripped and fell face first onto the foot board.  I picked him up immediately and there was a dime sized HOLE above his eye.  He had just busted his head open.  Luckily he didn't pass out, but I was FREAKING out!  Rick had ran to the grocery store and I was trying to keep Spencer alert, wipe away blood and call Rick.  It never crossed my mind to call 911 because I was so distraught!  Rick sped home (after he told me to call 911), the ambulance and fire truck showed up and away we went. 

Got to the ER, got in a room and then Spencer threw up so they had to immediately order a CT scan.  He had to be basically put into a straight jacket to have the CT scan.  It was a nightmare!  Spencer took everything like a champ.  Long story short he got 3 stitches above his eye and the CT scan came back negative. 

Brave little boy!

We not only left with stitches, we left with a broken arm (not caused by the accident on Sunday).  Spencer had fallen on the playground at school (jumping off of something) about 2 weeks ago.  They told me when I picked him up and we never thought about it again because his arm hadn't hurt him after that day.  Well, last week he really started complaining that his arm was hurting.  I scheduled an appointment for today (Monday) with his pediatrician to get it looked at.  I mentioned that in the ER yesterday and they just went ahead and x-rayed it while we were there.  Well, it was broken and had already started to heal/calcify!  So they had to do a hard splint and now we're seeing a bone specialist on Thursday. 

We are just SO thankful our little boy is alright.  Now, it's trying to get him to slow down and ease his frustrations about him really having only one arm for now.  God is good!


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