February 6, 2012

Blogging Lull & Weekly Menu

This past week to week in a half have just been a whipping for the most part.  I've had multiple people ask me when I was going to start putting our menu up on the blog again because they look at it before they make their grocery list.  Ha!  Well, we always cook no matter what, but we've just been sticking to some things that we've made for a long time.  I've not made anything new off of Pinterest in the past week, so I haven't really posted anything.  But, now I see that other people are looking at this trying to get new ideas from dishes that may not be so new to us, so I'll continue to the menu posting.

Our menu for this week:
Saturday - spaghetti (get the meat sauce from Orlando's, make your own noodles and buy the Texas Garlic Toast and this is super good and cost effective)

Sunday - roast w/carrots, onions and potatoes

Monday - roast salads (Sounds gross, but we had brisket salads last week which were the bomb and this is pretty much the same thing except I'm not spending $28 on two pounds of brisket like I did last week! Eek!)

Tuesday - Tilapia Vera Cruz (we cannot get enough of this and could eat it every week)  Recipe here.

Wednesday - Sausage Squash casserole (oldie but goodie of ours...very low carb)

Thursday- Lemon baked chicken w/green beans & potatoes (from Pinterest!)

Friday - Turkey, basil & tomato paninis (We <3 our panini press!)

Most of our last week has been crazy deluxe:
  • Our computer in the computer room crashed!  Thank goodness the hubs is an IT manager and can fix that stuff, but took about 3 days.
  • Spencer had a rough week at school which resulted in a requested teacher conference by us.  We just know that this week will be much better! :)
  • Decided to go to a smiley face chart system at home due to the previous bullet point.  Crossing our fingers that it works!
  • The amount of grading I did this past week was INSANE!
  • Zach passed his NCLEX exam - yay!
  • Rick did our taxes...not paying into social security is a killer!  Such is the life of a teacher I guess...
  • I had our middle school UIL competition Saturday and our school won Sweepstakes!
  • I'm sure there's so much more, but I need to focus on this week and what great things lie ahead!
And I leave you with this picture of our very own Santana...

Spencer has really gotten into all of his guitars.  Yes, all of them...he has 4!  We really think we will put him in guitar lessons when he's old enough.


Pickled Blu said...

whoah...a planned menu. That is definitely something that I have been really working towards...for years...with no luck....I hate to cook....maybe that is why? Anyway, I really think it would help me save time and money! SOOO think I might have to start stalking your menu! I saw you at SUYL!

Kara said...

Stalk away!!! It saves a TON of money. We go to the store only once a week. If my husband and I go to the store during the week, we can't help but walk out of there spending over $30. I do my best to post our weekly menu. Enjoy & thanks for stopping by!! :)

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