February 17, 2012

Valentine's Day Goodies

We did lots of fun things this year.  I don't know what I would've done with my Silhouette Cameo!!  LOVE IT!

We made special cards for his grandparents and his aunt and uncle.  I meant to take a picture of them using our good camera and realized I hadn't done that when I was on the way to the post office with them.  So, blah pictures from my phone will have to suffice.  I just traced his hands and attached them with an accordion-folded piece of card stock.  I signed his name on the back and let him "sign" it as well.  They are working on writing their name at school and all he makes are P's, R's and E's.  Of course I forgot to take a pic of that too. 

Spencer's Valentines were a MUST when I first saw them (on Pinterest, of course!). Spencer picked out what bug he wanted for each of his friends.  It was precious to sit and watch him really think about it.  He had in his mind which bugs for were girls and for boys.  I guess that made it easier for him!

We had to make a Valentine's box for the first time this year.  I searched for Darth Vader box ideas and found this and went with it!  The box is two cereal boxes put together and then I spray painted them.  The cape is an old black t-shirt.

For his treats for his Valentine's party, I made chocolate rice krispie treats on a stick.  So yummy & easy.  Got the idea here via Pinterest (of course).

Spencer was "helping" me and I turned around and found this little guy in the rice krispies.  Spencer said he was really hungry.  Ha!

For his teachers, Spencer & I made sweet & salty Valentine popcorn.  Pinterest to the rescue again. :)
 I caught someone trying to steal some...oh, what a sweet boy!

I put them in Chinese take-out boxes and made the tags on...you guessed it...my Silhouette!

We had lots of fun this year making all of this and our snow day at home sure did help with getting them done!


stevenjared0853 said...

These are some really amazing ideas for a valentine gift. I gifted an LED wheel to my boyfriend on this valentine and he took me out to one of the beautiful New York Event Venues to celebrate our day with music, food and lots of love! It was a fun day!

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